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The best part of 2009

As most years go, 2009 was no different than others with all the highs and lows that come during a year.  However, one major event happened that outshines the rest.

Say hello to my 3rd grandson!

Although we received early test results that he may not make it full term and if he did would probably not live very long, the test result was wrong!  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to find out he was normal until he was born and this is the photo of my step-daughter with her new son when she received the news that he was perfect in every way.  If you look closely, you’ll see a tear running down her cheek.

I’ve never experienced full-term childbirth for myself, so I felt lucky & honored to be present during my grandsons birth.  It was an indescribable experience & one that I won’t ever forget.  It was also amazing to watch my other 2 grandsons see their baby brother for the first time.  I love those boys like they were my own flesh and blood.

It’s been fun & interesting to watch him change & grow over the last few months.

They grow up so fast!


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I love that knitting for babies is quick, but my last experience knitting a baby sweater was semi-frustrating so I was hesitant to try it again. In fact, it’s been a year since I last knit something for a baby, but my baby brother’s wife is expecting their 2nd child in September, so you’ll see a bit of baby knitting here for the next few months.

I started off with the Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket, but now that I’ve taken a close look at it, I’m going to rip it back and start again. I thought adding a complimentary color stripe of the ArtYarns Supermerino would be great, but for this pattern, not so much. I think it looks a little bit like a poo stain on the back and sleeve ends.

Although I was going to tackle the Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Sweater on Two Needles next, I remembered that I’d purchased the Tulips Baby Cardigan kit while I was at Stitches West.

Pattern: Tulips, A Colorful Cardigan for Baby by Lindsay Pekny
Size: 6-9 months
Yarn: Dream in Color Classy
Needles: Knit Picks Options Circular; size 3.75 mm (US 5) and 4.5 mm (US 7)

Raveled here

The kit I purchased included the pattern (for all sizes) and enough yarn of the eight colors needed for this pattern for a 6-9 month old baby. The entire kit cost me $45, and I think I may even have enough yarn remaining to knit one of these for a newborn or maybe even one of those American Girl Dolls that my nieces are crazy about.

From the moment I cast on, until the moment I cast off, I honestly enjoyed knitting this sweater. The pattern is relatively simple and the detail of the i-cord bind off around the edge is the perfect finishing touch.

The yarn is not only a very soft merino and easy to work with, but the subtle color shading is beautiful. I highly recommend this pattern and yarn to anyone needing a baby gift.

I may be slow responding to emails and blog reading for the next week. Hubby and I are driving from California through Nevada and Utah to Idaho on Tuesday morning for my dads retirement party. He is finally retiring on Friday from serving the public as a police officer for 43 years. I’m worried about him retiring though. Law enforcement has been his life and he seems to be a bit depressed lately. Mom mentioned that it might be nice to get him out of his environment and to drive back with us when we return to California. I guess I better get my knitting and spinning projects out of the guest room.

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Thanks to one of my wonderful blog readers, (anyone want to fess up?) they clicked on one of The Loopy Ewe links from my blog site, and then set up an account and purchased something. The Loopy Ewe gave me a credit for that, so of course I spent it (and then some). Now in my fiber and yarn stash I have a little more fiber:

Merino Mother of Pearl

The Dyeing Arts
100% Superwash Merino Wool
4 ounces
colorway: Mother of Pearl
lot: 041408

And a little more yarn

Rio de la Plata sock multicolor

Rio de la Plata: Sock Multicolor
colorway: SP32
437 yards of fingering weight
According to the tag, the colors in this yarn are Wood Thrush, Crimson, Posy Green, Chestnut, Indian Teal, and Black. Personally, I just like that it looks handspun.

Dream in Color Baby Gothic Rose

Dream in Color: Baby
colorway: Gothic Rose VB340
700 yards of lace weight

I have a few project around here that I’m tying up loose ends on, so in the FO department, this is all you get for now.

Hearts Dishcloth

Project: Be My Dishcloth by Kristen Patay (Ravelry)
Yarn: Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Solid in Cream
Needles: Knit Picks Circular 3.25 mm / US 3

Of course this would look much better blocked, but to distract you from that, I’m going to send you off to Kristen’s Ravelry design page to check out her other dishcloth patterns. There’s not many there so I sure hope she adds more to her collection soon.

Although this dishcloth is cute, I must say I have favorites and they are this one and that one. In fact, I liked them so much, I kept them for myself. Anyone care to share their favorite dishcloth pattern?

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Molly’s Matinee Coat

On Wednesday, April 18th, I became an aunt …. for the eighth time. (gasp) It’s so strange for me to realize that my 4 siblings have all had children and I’m the eldest with none. Obviously this gift is a bit delayed, but it won’t fit Molly until she’s 3 months old, so maybe I’m early?

Molly’s Matinee Coat

Pattern: Matinee Coat

Pattern Source: Debbie Bliss Simply Baby
Yarn: Sidar Snuggly DK; white
Needles: Knit Picks Options and Circulars size 6, 5, 3 and 2 US
Modifications: I added a picot edge around the neckline.

Notes about the pattern: Although I really do like the finished object, you couldn’t pay me to knit another item in this book. I never understood why people didn’t like knitting patterns that don’t have a schematic … until now. None of the patterns in this book or the Debbie Bliss Special Knits book for that matter, have schematics. This made blocking the 5 pieces of this sweater a pain in the arse. I finished knitting all the pieces on April 11th and attempted to start blocking that same day. However, when I discovered there were no schematics, and I’d spent an hour of frustration trying to figure out what measurements to block everything, I gave up. A week later, when my sister called to announce that her daughter had been born, I resolved to tackle the sweater once and for all. I struggled through two hours of calculating, measuring and pinning and crossed my fingers that when I started assembly, it would all come together perfectly. It did all match up fairly well although I discovered that I really dislike seaming. I see top-down sweater patterns in the future.

Notes about the yarn: I originally purchased 5 skeins of this yarn, and today returned the 3 unused skeins to my LYS. Even *I* was surprised that I’d returned the yarn, but to be honest with you, knitting with white yarn was boring and I’m also not a big fan of the nylon/acrylic blend. Although, I’m sure my sister will appreciate that it is washable and I appreciated that it was economical.

Final thoughts: If you are the type of person that can block many pieces of a project successfully without schematics, then I’d highly recommend this book, but if you are like me and don’t have enough experience under your belt to block with schematics, stay away. I’ve also discovered that instead of asking the mother (or picky sister) what they would like me to knit for their baby, I’ll just pick a pattern and yarn I’ll enjoy working with and hope they like it in the end. After all, if I like what I knit, I’ll finish it quickly and be more inclined to not mutter profanities under my breath.

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I’m so thrilled that I finally received the Yarn Harlot‘s new book in the mail and I can’t wait to start reading it. The only thing that would make it even better would be to meet her in person to have her sign it. It’s not meant to be though, since she doesn’t have Southern California listed on her book tour. I’m so sad 😦

I’m currently knitting Cookie’s Baudelaire sock pattern with the Socks that Rock lightweight yarn in Jasper colorway. Of course since it’s a red/purple tone, it’s very difficult to capture the correct colors in the photo, but I think you get the idea. I’m loving knitting these since the pattern is written toe-up, so I don’t have to do any pattern converting. YEAH!

Laura and I went to our LYS on Monday so I could enhance my stash. One of my sisters is have her third little girl and has requested a white cardigan sweater. Personally I think a white baby cardigan is boring, but it’s what she wants. I tried to find Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and RYC Cashsoft in white, but since there was sadly none of that or any really “nice” yarns in white, I got stuck purchasing the Sidar Snuggly DK yarn. Little does she realize (she’s not a knitter) that had she let me choose the color, she would’ve ended up with a better overall sweater, but since she doesn’t know, I’m probably the only one sad about it. The pattern is the Matinee Coat from the Debbie Bliss Simply Baby book and although I’m knitting it in the smallest size, I doubt it will fit the baby until the fall since Debbie Bliss patterns are rumored to run a little bit big.

I also enhanced my stash at the LYS by purchasing another pair of Addi Turbo Lace needles in a 24″ size 3US. I noticed that quite of few of the lace patterns in Victorian Lace Today used that needle size, so I figure it may come in handy. I also found this navy blue laceweight yarn called Grignasco Regina which is listed as “merino fine” pure new wool. From what I can tell, this yarn is similar to Skacel Merino Lace since both are 100 grams and 2/25; the Grignasco is marked as 1363 yards and the Skacel is 1375 yards. Pretty close huh? I’m either going to make a lace shawl for my mother in law or my grandmother, but I haven’t decided on a pattern yet, so it will sit until I feel inspired.

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