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And the winner is …

I was going to use a random number generator for the Blogiversary comment prize, but instead I decided it would be more fun to print out the list of commenters, and draw them from my favorite monstrous coffee mug


And the winner is…..

Congratulations to Abby from Yarn and Cocktails for winning the skein of Trekking XXL #104. Please email me your address so I can get it in the mail to you. Thanks to everyone who participated. It was so fun reading all of your “favorites” and getting to know your knitting personality a bit.

A week or two ago, I signed up for the Victorian Lace Today Knitalong. I made it in just under the gun though since they aren’t accepting any new members. Can anyone shed some light on why a KAL would accept a limited number of participants?

Anyway, I decided to knit the Shoulder Shawl with the variegated Graceful laceweight yarn I purchased at Stitches West from the Yarn Place. I’m not sure I *love* the variegated colors for this particular pattern, but it’s good practice anyway. I’m also a bit nervous because the pattern calls for 900 yards and my skein is 900 yards. I went down a needle size and I suppose I could leave off a pattern repeat if I need to. This may be a nail biter!! Thankfully Laura has agreed to teach me how to crochet since this shawl has a crochet edge. Well of course it does. I never go the simple route.

And totally off topic, for those of you thinking your gas prices are a bit high, Sunday afternoon I saw this:

(click on picture to make larger)Yes, that really does say $3.12 a gallon for basic unleaded gasoline in Lake Elsinore, CA. OUCH!

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It’s like a broken record. Everywhere you look people are having a blogiversary. I believe something must have been in the water (or yarn) that month because a year ago today, I also got bit by the “blog bug”! I think I started reading 10 blogs consistently then, but as of today, I have 216 blogs that I’m subscribed to. Yes, insanity has hit an entirely new level around here. So much has happened in a year and I’ve made some great new blogging friends (although I’ve only met two of them) and I’d love to increase that number this year.

Of all the stats I located about my blog though, these are my favorite:

  • 4,776 people have visited my blog (about 1,000 of those were in February)
  • 127 posts have been written (including this one)
  • 536 comments have been left here

Thanks to all of you who frequently comment. It really does make my day to see so many comments on a consistent basis. I sincerely try to respond back to every comment I receive, but occasionally one falls through the cracks (or I can’t locate an email address) and for that I’m sorry. I hope you continue here with me for my adventures into my second year, and I look forward to whatever my blog brings me. (an income would be nice)

In honor of my one-year blogiversary, I’m going to do the predictable and give away yarn. I was going to make it a contest, but I don’t want you to have to work too hard for your freebie, so here’s what I’d like. Leave me a comment on this post about your favorite yarn, knitted item, knitting book, and knitting accessory between now and Monday, March 19th at 12:00pm PST. I’ll use a random number generator to choose the winner and that person will receive this skein of Trekking XXL. Come on people, it’s time to finally de-lurk. After all, this is FREE.

Since I haven’t posted since Monday, I could bore you with all the things I’ve been doing, but I won’t. I will, however share with you the best part of the week. On Wednesday I went to Laura‘s beautiful home up in the hills of Orange County California. WOW! Talk about some stunning views!! Of course, I didn’t think to take any photos because I’m an idiot! It’s the truth, what can I say? We had a wonderful afternoon of showing off some of the items we’ve knit and I brought my yarn haul from Stitches West to show. The time passed too quickly (as usually is the case when knitting and yarn are involved) and as I drove home I was very thankful for blogs. I finally realized that the reason I blog is to keep in contact with those of you who have the same obsession for knitting as I do. I love connecting with people who can appreciate the joy, happiness, sadness and frustration that we call our craft, and the opportunity to hopefully someday meet some of the amazing people we correspond with through our blogs. Am I sounding too sappy? Okay, I’ll shut up now.

In family news, my baby girl is turning 4 years old on Saturday.

This is Kya and I guess she’s really not my baby, as much as she is my dog, but since I never had kids of my own, (other than step-children) I consider my pets my kids. I know some of you may understand. Ever since she was a puppy, she’d lay on the ground and roll her ball around with her paw. It’s one of my favorite things to watch her do, so I just had to include a photo of it for you.

And just so my handsome 3-yr old doesn’t get left out, this is Duke.

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