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It’s so great to have another FO to blog about, and probably a shock to most of you that I’m posting so soon. Last post was knitting and now for spinning.

My wonderful friend Micki sent this lovely fiber to me as a “welcome to spinning” gift. I loved it when I saw it and loved it even more while I was spinning it.

hand dyed by: PigeonRoof Studios (etsy)
4.1 ounces corriedale
colorway: Dovecote

Spinning thin singles doesn’t seem to be a problem for me, so I did attempt to spin these singles a bit thicker, but staying consistent was more difficult than I thought it would be. Unfortunately there were some thin and thick spots throughout both bobbins of singles and I hoped plying would hide the flaws.

This is the first time I’ve spun yarn that when plied, gives a barberpole-like effect. If I would’ve known what I was doing, I probably could’ve split the fiber in a better way as to not have the same colored single occasionally end up plied together, but this is all a learning experience so it’s not like I’m disappointed. I think it looks pretty good for my fourth handspun skein of yarn.

After plying I checked the wpi (wraps per inch) and it was 18. After I washed, thwacked and hung the yarn to dry, it bloomed and ended up at 16 wpi.

2-ply sportweight
276 yards / 111 grams

Thus far, this is my favorite skein of handspun. I checked my Ravelry queue, and I think I’m going to make the Morning Surf Scarf featured in the current issue of Spin-Off magazine. I found another Raveler who knit the pattern in sport weight yarn casting on 26 sts with a size 3.25mm needle and only used 200 yards. I wonder if I cast on 36 sts if I’ll need more than the 276 yards that this skein has. Does anyone know how to calculate that or do I just jump right in and cross my fingers?

My latest yarn collecting came way by means of a contest. I don’t enter blog contests nearly as much as I used to, but this one caught my eye since it was for a skein of Wollemeise. I’ve repeatedly stalked The Loopy Ewe website during the “sneak-ups” to get my hands on some, but it’s all sold out by the time I get there. Thankfully Emma came to the rescue and put a skein of Wollmeise up as a prize for her blog contest and lucky me, I won.

yarn: Wollmeise Sockenwolle 80/20
colorway: Dani

There’s 574 yards in a 150 gm skein. Unbelievable! Thank you Emma for such a great prize


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What to do? What to do? Write a blog post, or read all the blog posts I’ve neglected for the past 2 plus weeks? I suppose if I haven’t commented on your blog recently, and you’re reading this post, you’ll know what I chose.

I was going to post a few days ago, but somehow right before I hit the publish button, the entire body of my post (with photos) completely disappeared. The title was still there, but the entire body of the message was blank. Completely blank. Such a shame, because it was even an interesting post about socks knit with lacewieght yarn. When my sanity returns I’ll rewrite it, but for now I can only try to distract you with my very own handspun yarn.

What started out as this:

Corriedale Fiber

Fiber Source: Carolina Homespun
Fiber Content: 100% Corriedale Wool

Has now become this:

Purple Laceweight

100% Corriedale Wool
384 yards / 60 grams

Purple Laceweight

Don’t let the photos fool you though. There are so many ends in this skein, it’s embarrassing. Since I’d heard so many stories of beginning spinners over-spinning their yarn, I ended up under-spinning mine. I quickly realized this when I was plying and the singles kept breaking over and over again. It’s quite infuriating. Believe me, I didn’t let that mistake happen again when I picked up this:


Fiber Source: Paradise Fibers
Fiber Content: Ashland Bay Multicolor merino wool top
Colorway: Forest
Weight: 4 ounces

And spun it into this:

Forest Merino
100% Merino Wool
400 yards / 98 grams
Fingering weight

Forest Merino

This time there were no breaks in the singles so the plying went very well. The singles weren’t quite as even as the laceweight yarn, but I was attempting to make my singles a bit thicker. Maybe I should just stick with very thin singles and 3 ply everything. This skein is obviously far from perfect, but for skein number 3, I’m not unhappy.

And contrary to proof on my blog, I have been knitting. All the sample knitting has been completed and is in the designers hands. Both samples will be photographed for books coming out next year and one of the designers even said my knitting is superb. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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