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For those of you who didn’t know, which is probably most of you, I’ve been in the Caribbean for the last 2 weeks on vacation with hubby to celebrate our anniversary.  We got very lucky and had mostly great weather the entire time we cruised around visiting places like Key West, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and the Bahamas.  The photo was taken somewhere in the Caribbean during sunset from our balcony.  Could anything be more perfect?

I’m still trying to get adjusted, so blog reading and such will be hopefully caught up on by the end of this week.  I can’t wait to see what you’ve all been up to.


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Move along, no knitting here

I’m back from my vacation (and have been for awhile), but I’m so far behind on things that you’ll have to bear with me while I attempt to get caught up in blog world.

It was wonderful to get away with DH for our anniversary and he spoiled me with a new travel bag the day we departed, a new set of jewelry that I’d been eyeing in the Brighton catalog, and a beautiful white & blue diamond necklace I spied while on our cruise. Believe me, the photo does not do this necklace justice. (I’m having a bad photo mojo day). I’d never seen or heard of blue diamonds before, but when I saw them I was completely captivated. It’s odd too because blue isn’t even one of my favorite colors, but then again, maybe the sparkle hit my eye, blinded me and knocked the sense out of me. It also is more likely that it was all the wine I was drinking.

We didn’t get any photos at our first stop in San Diego, but that’s probably because the only thing that we did of any interest was shop for a new dress for me. Even though we cruise every year, and even though I have semi-formal attire hanging in my closet, none of it fits. Ever since my health problems started this spring, I stopped exercising due to the pain, but kept on eating the same amount of food. Unfortunately, this left me with quite a few extra pounds and a very tight-fitting wardrobe. Luckily we were able to find a dress that fits AND it can be easily altered once I start to lose the weight.

Catalina Island was absolutely beautiful and the perfect weather day, but it was also one of my “bad” days, so we didn’t get to do much. The scenery was beautiful however, and we did get to walk the main strip that makes up the downtown area, but with many many rests in between. Even thought I wasn’t able to do much, it just wonderful to spend the day with DH taking in the beauty and unique quaint town of Catalina.

The last stop on our itinerary was Ensenada, Mexico. I’ve been to Ensenada once before and didn’t care for it in the least, but since DH had never been there, I decided to grin and bear it through another trip to La Bufadora (the blowhole) and the open air shopping market. Here’s what I thought of the experience:

Even though it was just a 5 day cruise, it seems that it was the perfect length for me until my health improves a bit more. I didn’t manage to knit very much since I chose napping over knitting, so I’ve been a knitting fiend the last few days. I’ll save my knitting updates for next time, but needless to say… I have too many projects on the needles and sharing all my WIP’s will definitely take an entire post.

Have a great weekend!

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Here’s my quickie post to let you all know that I’m going to be missing for about a week. Hubby and I are leaving on Monday for a “mini” cruise to celebrate our 4th anniversary. It’s nothing exotic at all, especially if you’re living in Southern California, but for the curious we’re sailing out of Los Angeles Harbor and will be stopping in San Diego, Catalina Island and Ensenada, MX.

In Stash Enhancement news (because I seem to have that quite frequently lately) I received a 33 skeins of Valley Yarns Colrain from Webs to knit two sweaters.

I’ll be knitting DH the EZ Seamless Hybrid in Majestic Blue with Steel Gray trim on the inside cuffs.

For myself I’ll be knitting the Radiance Cabled Jacket (Ravelry pattern link) in Chestnut. I really want to start on mine first, but since I’m almost finished with the Tangled Yoke Sweater, I should probably treat him to something next. Then again … maybe I could knit them at the same time?

Hubby and I went over to our local bookstore Thursday night to pick up a book a friend recommended (Fibromyalgia for Dummies) , but while I was there, I ran across a 50% off table of craft books. I got lucky enough to pick up the Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Volume 1 and Volume 2 and have found some design inspiration for a scarf.

I’ve test swatched it in a few worsted weight yarns, and so far it works well for solid and multi-colored yarns. Since I’ll be knitting it on my mini-vacation, hopefully I’ll have some cruisin’ photos, knitting photos, and a scarf pattern for you all when I return.

And one last thing before I forget, you MUST go look at Laura‘s stunning South Seas Stole she designed. I can’t wrap my head around all the work that must have gone into the design of this, but it is definitely something I’m thrilled to be test-knitting, so watch out for more lace work here soon.

Have a great week!

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