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I know I’ve only been posting about twice a week and I mean to post more frequently, but to be honest, my health has continued to decline. I’m only 37 for heaven’s sake and it feels like my body is trying to do me in. I could bore you with my pathetic list of symptoms and the Dr’s initial diagnosis, but nothings for sure yet, so I’m just attending the various clinics for tests and should have more info in 2 weeks. Don’t worry, it doesn’t appear to be anything serious (like cancer), but I just wanted to share a bit of this with you because until I’m feeling better, I may not be posting as much, and I may not be commenting on your blogs as much.

Since I’d forbid myself to cast-on for socks until Molly’s sweater was complete, and since I’ve been spending some time at Dr’s offices and labs, I’ve been working on these dish cloths from the Mason-Dixon ladies. I am trying to be a bit more conscious of the environment, so these will be replacing my kitchen sponges. I was really never worried about the sponge harboring bacteria since I only used it for a week and then tossed it, but then a light bulb went on. I’ve calculated that I’ve spent about $50 a year on sponges, and since I’m sure they aren’t that great in the landfills, using these dishcloths should help in some small way. If you don’t have the book but want the pattern, you can get it HERE!

Thanks to Dave, he posted something regarding those of you kind enough to leave comments on blog posts. Seems that quite a few of us have been frustrated that we aren’t getting the email addresses of our commenter’s. Everyone thought it was the fault of the new Blogger, but I had issues even with the old Blogger. He was notified by Lavendersheep that the new Blogger did NOT mess about with the ability to reply to comments but that the new Blogger DID mess about with your settings.

If your Blogger email address was public before, you’ve been reset to private. If you edit your profile and check the box that says show my email address, your email address will show up with the comment and restore reply-ability.

Did you see the latest edition of Yarnival? My friend Laura was the editor and she even included one of my blog posts. There are some pretty good articles in there, so make sure you check it out.

Speaking of Laura, yesterday I was able to spend a few hours with her sharing our new yarn acquisitions and completed knitting projects since we last met. You’ve got to take a look at her Conwy socks. I was tempted to steal them, but then my brain kicked back in and I remembered I could probably just knit my own pair. I also purchased this lace weight yarn from her. Neither of us are sure what it is, but it’s almost silk-like and I can’t wait to make a shawl from it. For lunch, we went to an amazing German deli (Mattern’s) to pick up sandwiches and beer, and although there was quite a wait for it, it was well worth it. We took the food and drinks back to Laura’s house and got to sit outside on her patio and enjoy the view, the food, and the company. It was perfect! And where are the photos? I forgot to take them .. BAD BLOGGER!

This weekend I hope to be casting on for my next pair of socks, since I finally finished the Matinee Coat for Molly. My next post will have all the details.

Before I forget … a million thanks to Carole for sharing an invite with me to Ravelry. It’s the perfect thing for me to organize my stash, projects, needles, and such. I also love that I’ve met some new “friends” through it. If you read my blog and you’re in Ravelry, make sure you link me as a “friend” so I can see who you are. If you’re not on Ravelry and you’ve signed up, don’t panic, you will be part of it very soon!


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I’m so thrilled that I finally received the Yarn Harlot‘s new book in the mail and I can’t wait to start reading it. The only thing that would make it even better would be to meet her in person to have her sign it. It’s not meant to be though, since she doesn’t have Southern California listed on her book tour. I’m so sad 😦

I’m currently knitting Cookie’s Baudelaire sock pattern with the Socks that Rock lightweight yarn in Jasper colorway. Of course since it’s a red/purple tone, it’s very difficult to capture the correct colors in the photo, but I think you get the idea. I’m loving knitting these since the pattern is written toe-up, so I don’t have to do any pattern converting. YEAH!

Laura and I went to our LYS on Monday so I could enhance my stash. One of my sisters is have her third little girl and has requested a white cardigan sweater. Personally I think a white baby cardigan is boring, but it’s what she wants. I tried to find Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and RYC Cashsoft in white, but since there was sadly none of that or any really “nice” yarns in white, I got stuck purchasing the Sidar Snuggly DK yarn. Little does she realize (she’s not a knitter) that had she let me choose the color, she would’ve ended up with a better overall sweater, but since she doesn’t know, I’m probably the only one sad about it. The pattern is the Matinee Coat from the Debbie Bliss Simply Baby book and although I’m knitting it in the smallest size, I doubt it will fit the baby until the fall since Debbie Bliss patterns are rumored to run a little bit big.

I also enhanced my stash at the LYS by purchasing another pair of Addi Turbo Lace needles in a 24″ size 3US. I noticed that quite of few of the lace patterns in Victorian Lace Today used that needle size, so I figure it may come in handy. I also found this navy blue laceweight yarn called Grignasco Regina which is listed as “merino fine” pure new wool. From what I can tell, this yarn is similar to Skacel Merino Lace since both are 100 grams and 2/25; the Grignasco is marked as 1363 yards and the Skacel is 1375 yards. Pretty close huh? I’m either going to make a lace shawl for my mother in law or my grandmother, but I haven’t decided on a pattern yet, so it will sit until I feel inspired.

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