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I love the anticipation of waiting every day for the mail when you know you have something arriving, but when you get two items in one day, it’s difficult not to hug the mailman.

After receiving my first order from The Loopy Ewe, I now know why everyone loves Sheri so much! I had a difficult time narrowing down my yarn choices on her website, but I let Project Spectrum be my guide and I stepped out of my comfort zone to purchase only yarns in shades of green, pink and yellow. I also decided to try out some new yarn companies. I mean, how can you say you adore Socks That Rock if you’ve never tried Fleece Artist or Lorna’s Laces and such?

from top to bottom:
Fleece Artist Basic Merino Socks in Nova Scotia
Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Tickled Pink
Cider Moon Glacier in Congo

Not only did I receive my order in just a few days of placing it, but everything arrived packaged beautifully. The skeins of yarn were wrapped in white tissue paper and finished off with The Loopy Ewe seal. In addition, my invoice included a personal handwritten note from Sheri as well as needle inventory cards and small sample yarn cards of Regia Silk and Regia Bamboo. I will most definitely be purchasing more yarn from Sheri in the future.

On the same day, I also received another set of 10 stitch markers from Team Entrelac. They arrived just in time since I’ve started my next (first?) lace project. It’s hard for me to put into words how ideal these markers are. There’s not a single open gap or rough edge (burr), so I’m not scared of it snagging the delicate laceweight yarn, as other makers have done before. I also love how beautiful each tiny bead is, so it looks like jewelry for my knitting. You also can’t beat the price or the speed at which she ships! Both my orders arrived on my doorstep in less than 48 hours! It seems that she doesn’t have a lot of her stitch markers on her etsy site since she’s trying to open her own storefront, but you can see all of her stitchmarkers here. Go ahead, take a peek, she makes them in ALL sizes!

I finally decided on a pattern for the dark navy Grignasco Regina that I purchased when I was with Laura at our LYS. The photo shows the beginnings of A Handsome Triangle (page 32) shawl from Victorian Lace Today. So far, I’ve completed 80 of the 212 pattern rows and since it’s a triangle shawl knit from the bottom point up, I increase four stitches every other row, so progress is just starting to feel slow to me. I’m probably being either daring or stupid for jumping right into an intermediate pattern for my first lace shawl, but if all goes well, this should be a nice present for my mother-in-law (mum) for her June birthday.

DH & I entertained ourselves for a few days by finally adressing our landscaping problem. The sprinkers were all checked and broken ones replaced. New sprinklers were added to two areas that only grew dirt. 5 palm trees were added (2 in the backyard and 3 on the side yard of our corner lot). Last but not least, half the backyard was re-seeded for grass, since the dogs tore up the old pathetic grass that used to be there. This is just the beginning though. Hopefully soon (after recovering from all the money those palm trees cost), I’ll be adding all sorts of blooming plants.


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Just in time for the very last day of Project Spectrum 2.0 and my Sock A Month KAL (although this is my second pair), I finally finished the socks!

Blue Bamboo Zephyr Socks
Pattern: Zephyr Socks
Source: Domesticat
Yarn: Regia Bamboo Color 1061
Needles: Addi Turbo Lace size 1 US; (2) 24″ circulars

As usual, I knit these from the toe-up using Judy’s Magic Cast-On. I kept the sole stitches to 26, but increased the instep stitches to 36. On the heel flap, I made sure I ended up with 27 stitches before starting the leg and kept the 36 stitches from the instep to end up with a total of 63 stitches on the leg section. The original pattern has 52 stitches, so I definitely had to take time to do recalculations to fit this yarn to my size 8 foot.
Notes: I’m going to confess my shortcomings that I chose the wrong pattern for this yarn and the wrong needles for this yarn. Independently I’m sure I would love each item, but together spelled misery for me. This pair of socks took a month to knit and they should have taken no more than 2 weeks. By the way, the jogless bind-off worked BRILLIANTLY! Thanks again Amber.
  • Pattern: It is brilliantly simple and easy to memorize. I recommend this pattern and will definitely keep it in my binder of favorites.
  • Yarn: I mainly purchased it out of curiosity because it had bamboo in it AND it was the perfect colorway for February/March Project Spectrum colors. The yarn is comprised of 45% bamboo, 40% wool and 15% polyamide. I enjoyed knitting with the yarn but I especially LOVE how the yarn feels on my feet. It’s extremely light and airy and feels like you’re barely wearing anything at all. In fact, if I were to wear socks with my lingerie (which I don’t), these would be the perfect socks.
  • Needles: This was my first project with the new Addi Turbo Lace needles. My personal opinion is they are great, but definitely not for all yarns, like this bamboo yarn. Since the bamboo yarn doesn’t glide like most other sock yarns, and since the lace needles grab the yarn a tiny bit, it was a bad combination. I definitely should have knit these with my KnitPicks Circular needles. That said, I’m definitely going to give these needles a try again with a different yarn and I definitely see the value of these needles when knitting lace. In fact, I will buy a pair specifically for my next lace project since the KnitPicks needles are too slick and the original Addi Turbo needles just aren’t pointy enough.

I definitely recommend the yarn, the pattern and the needles, but not in combination together. Isn’t it fun to have so many learning opportunities with each knitting project? I’m definitely learning so much in my knitting adventures.

Thanks to everyone who posted comments about my shawl. It’s still sitting in time-out, but I have a feeling it may get a frogging soon.

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A few of you have been wondering where I’ve been for the last week. Well, I haven’t sat at the computer for DAYS and I’m trying to get caught up on reading all of your blogs. I’ve missed you all and am curious to see what you’ve been up to, so bear with me, I’ll get to your blog very soon.

In spite of not posting or reading blogs in about a week, I HAVE been knitting. The Zephyr socks are coming along … because they have to. I’m anxious to finish these by Saturday in time for Project Spectrum. The colors for February and March are Blue, White and Gray and since this Regia Bamboo sock yarn has all these colors in them, I’ll be mad knitting on these for a few hours to finish them. I can’t wait to try that jogless bindoff!

I’ve been working on the Shoulder Shawl in the Cherry Leaf Pattern from Victorian Lace Today, but when I stretched it all out … well, I’ll let the photos tell the story.

I like these gradual colorway changes in the yarn on these two sections, but….

what is with the “stripe”?
What happened to gradual color changes?

Everything has a gradual color change expect that one spot! BLECH!

I’m not thrilled with the “stripe” going through this so I’ve tossed it in a bag like it’s in “time out” or something. I just can’t look at it. When I bought the yarn I thought it would be perfect for a shawl, but sometimes you just never know until you knit with it. So, dear reader, what would YOU do?

Option 1: Finish it and hope that it looks better once blocked?
Option 2: Frog it and hope to find a project suited better for the yarn at a later date?

On a positive note, yesterday these little beauties arrived!

from left to right: cream, green mountain madness, java, and bark

Go and check out the 20% off sale on Cherry Tree Hill supersock merino yarn at Chez Casuelle. Shipping and handling is free on orders over $25, so how can you not?

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I love that these socks not only count as my March socks for SAM3, but that they also work for February/March Project Spectrum 2.0.

Pattern: Pomatomus by Cookie A.

Source: Knitty.com Winter 2005 issue

Yarn: Jitterbug by Colinette; colorway 118 Velvet Damson

Needles: (2) Addi Turbo 24″ circular size 0 US (2.0mm)

Notes: I seem to be addicted to knitting socks from the toe-up, so I decided to try another attempt at converting this pattern from cuff down to toe up. Chart B originally made no sense to me (and those who have knit this will understand what I’m saying), but I decided to trust the pattern & it did indeed all work out. The pattern was extremely well written and the beautiful designs that Cookie comes up with is just amazing to me. I’m most proud that I was able to calculate how to get the stitches on the heel to match up with the pattern on the leg. Personally, I think it was just dumb luck, but I’ll take it! As far as the yarn goes .. YUM! I really loved the subtle variations of this colorway and would love to find another skein of this velvet series in a different color. It was great to knit with and I can highly recommend it. Since I’ve knit the last few pairs of socks with my pointy KnitPicks circular needles, I found myself getting frustrated very easily trying to Ktbl with what seemed like “dull” needles. I also hope to never have to knit another pair of socks on size 0 needles again. Not because it takes longer, but because I don’t want to purchase another set of needles!

By the way, this is the reason I knit socks from the toe-up:
This is all the yarn that remains from this pair of socks, and I even had to omit the last row of ribbing at the top. Can you imagine what a mess I’d be in if I knit these from the cuff to the toe?

In non-knitting news, if you’re interested in the slightest at beautifully decorated cakes, you must hop on over to my baby sisters blog and look at her latest creations. This is her first set of cakes that she got paid to make and I honestly think she should consider this as her future profession.

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On Thursday I got to do two great things! I met a new friend, Laura, and bought more yarn for my yarn collection. Laura & I have been corresponding for awhile via comments on each others blogs, but we finally decided to schedule some time to meet at the LYS when we discovered that we lived fairly close to each other. Can you believe I was 30 minutes late? I’m sure she thought I’d stood her up or something, but I was having “one of those days”! You know the ones. When anything & everything that can go wrong, does. I don’t have them very often, but when I do, I wonder what the universe is trying to tell me.

I finally arrived at the LYS with many apologies spewing from my mouth, and then realized I was standing in the middle of knitters heaven. Keep in mind that I’ve only been in five other yarn stores in my short one-year knitting life, but this one was extremely different. In fact, I’ll bet there may only be a handful like it anywhere. If only I were a writer & could describe the vision before my eyes, but I can say this, there was probably as much yarn in that small store at one time, than there is in a regular yarn store over the period of a few years! Seriously! There were aisles & aisles from floor to ceiling of yarn cubbies STUFFED with yarn. In fact yarn was falling out of bins & landed on me they were so full. The aisles were so tiny that two people couldn’t walk side by side down them either. It was a fun place for yarn exploration.

I purchased the perfect yarn for Project Spectrum 2.0. I know I can knit in blue, white, or gray for February and March, but how perfect that I was able to find yarn in all 3 colors? The best part, I probably wouldn’t have purchased this yarn if it weren’t for Project Spectrum because it’s really not something I could’ve seen myself wearing, but now that I have it, I can’t wait to knit with it. I guess that’s the beauty and point to Project Spectrum though.

This is Regia Bamboo color 1061 and this is my first time knitting with yarn that has bamboo content. The label states it is 45% Bamboo, 40% Superwash Wool, and 15% Polyamide and since it’s bamboo, it has a high breathability factor which will be great for summer socks! Now I just need the right pattern for it.

Laura & I searched through an entire overstuffed bin of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, and I didn’t find one that yelled “buy me”, but in a bin next to it, there was some beautiful sock yarn named Jitterbug by Collinette.

I’ve been wanting to knit the Pomatomus sock pattern for quite some time and I think this yarn will be perfect for it. I’m going to attempt to knit this toe-up and thanks to Judy for emailing me the math instructions for how to calculate heels on making any toe-up sock, I just may make it work!!

Laura purchased some gorgeous laceweight yarn for the cover shawl of Victorian Lace Today as well as a skein of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in a colorway so gorgeous that had she set it down for even a moment, I would’ve bought it! After shopping we sat outside on the patio of the Corner Bakery swapping stories & sharing yarn projects while she sipped her lemonade & I sipped my iced tea. I know those of you in the thick of winter weather won’t appreciate hearing that, but believe me when I say that we due to the cost of living here, I think we actually must be paying for all this nice California weather! It was an absolutely fabulous afternoon & I can’t wait to do it again!

Tune in to this blog in the next day or two for some Finished Projects!!

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