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Yes, it’s another sporadic blog post, but I wanted to get these posted this month to show that I *did* knit something in July.

Pattern: Feather and Fan by Judith Sumner
Source: Socks, Socks, Socks
Yarn: Regia Silk 6-ply; color 0005
Needles: Knit Picks 24″ circulars size 2.50mm (1 1/2US)

Modifications: I knit these from the toe-up (like that’s a surprise to anyone who knows me) using Judy’s magic cast-on because really, there’s nothing better. I also omitted the “purl one round and knit one round” section right before you start the heel. My personal opinion is that the sock looks better without it.

I was very surprised at what an easy pattern this is, but the sock looks very intricate and difficult. It’s a 16-stitch repeat over 4 rows, so it is easily memorized and it was a very quick knit. I liked the yarn, I loved the pattern and even though I love handpainted yarn, I’m glad I chose a solid color to really bring out the beauty of the pattern.

I know I mentioned a few posts ago that I was going to rewrite the Monkey pattern toe-up, but I ran across this little gem awhile back and thought I’d share it with you all. Momma Monkey has developed a conversion tutorial for how to convert a sock from top-down to toe-up, and she has also designed 3 Harry Potter Soctopia patterns (Nagini, Fawkes, and Bellatrix) that you can download for free! Now if you want to convert a pattern, you can refer to Momma Monkey’s guide!


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Last weekend, during a 48 hour period, I got so stressed about an upcoming pelvic ultrasound test, that I shopped. For yarn. Although it helped calm me down and keep my mind off the test, my dwindling bank account balance did cause some stress for me today, but oh well, the test is over now and everything looks good!

What started it all, was my first purchase. Crown Mountain Farms updated their Sock Hop Yarn and I purchased two skeins of the “Brown Eyed Girl” colorway. Ever since I met DH, he has sung the “Brown Eyed Girl” song to me whenever it’s on the radio, so it’s kind of our thing. He even uses the song as his ring tone whenever I call him. How then could I resist this yarn colorway? (obviously I didn’t) I now understand why people love hand dyed and hand spun yarn. It’s GORGEOUS! The downside though .. now I really want to learn to spin. I’m giving myself one more year though to learn as much as I can about yarn before I jump in. At least that’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.

The next thing that happened was an email from WEBS telling me their anniversary sale was about to end. I ignored it at the time, but then I was listening to their podcast and they mentioned Cascade 220 superwash on sale. Curses!! There were so many color options I was overwhelmed, but after thinking about it, I decided to go with a masculine color palette to knit some items for my grandsons this year.

I also saw that the Regia Silk was on sale, and since I’d wanted to try it for some socks, I ordered a bit of that too.

Finally, during the last part of the 48 hour time frame, I had an urge to check out The Loopy Ewe and wouldn’t you know it, Sheri had just done a shop update. I received my order today, but I’m going to hold off on showing you those acquisitions until next week. Besides, I can’t stop snuggling or sniffing or fondling the yarn long enough to take photos.

Despite no photos of socks in progress for almost a month, I have been knitting socks. Since I’d finally finished Molly’s Matinee Coat, I allowed myself to start a pair of socks and chose to knit Falling Leaves by Jessica Landers from the Fall 2005 issue of Knitty.com. Unfortunately, after working the pattern up until where the gusset begins, I decided that the pattern either wasn’t working for the yarn, or that I didn’t like how I was knitting the pattern. The center vein of the leaf design is created by working a k2tog and a ssk side by side which creates a sort of ridge. Personally I didn’t care for it, so I frogged the entire thing and started over. This time, I chose the Monkey pattern by Cookie A. I’ve knit it once before in a beautiful yarn that didn’t work with the pattern, so I thought I’d try again. So far I’m thrilled with how these are turning out and it’s so fun reworking the pattern toe-up. I’m trying to take meticulous notes and each time I convert a pattern from cuff-down to toe-up, I feel a bit more confident in my skills.

I only have another pattern repeat or two before I’ll be casting off, so I’m now dreaming of what socks I’ll knit next.

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