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I’m Twisted

I know why this is called the Twisted Flower sock … you have to be a bit “twisted” to attempt it! After much anticipation (mainly by me), I’d like to present:

Twisted Flowering Eggplants
(click photo for bigger)

Pattern: Twisted Flower by Cookie A.
Source: Cookie A Knitwear Designs
Yarn: Louet Gems Pearl in Eggplant
Needles: Knit Picks 24″ circular size 1.5 US (2.5mm)
Notes: The only modification I did to this pattern was to knit it on two circular needles. I didn’t attempt for a moment to convert this to toe-up, but I feel fairly confident that if I knit this again, I could convert it successfully.

WHEW! This pattern was by far the most time-consuming as far as sock patterns go, but look at the results! I’ve decided to be selfish and keep these for myself. I love the yarn, the color, the pattern and the fit. How often does *that* happen?

The pattern is worth every single penny and more, but ssshhhh, don’t tell Cookie. I’d hate to see her pattern prices jump up because of that comment. The yarn was less desirable though. Although I’ve previously loved knitting with it and only had minor problems with yarn slubs and knots, these skeins were horrible! I think I had 12 ends on each sock to weave in … ICK! I’m hoping it was just a fluke because I really do like the yarn (and there’s more in my stash).

If you decide to purchase this beautiful pattern, a couple of things I would suggest:

  • Pointy-tipped needles — this makes cabling that much easier
  • Chart reading experience — trust me on this one
  • Solid color sock yarn — to show off the beauty of the pattern
  • Experience in cabling without a cable needle — really, you’ll thank me later
  • Full concentration while knitting — I wasn’t able to successful watch television without ripping back
  • Complete trust in the pattern — everything about it is brilliant.

September Sock A Month 4 KAL socks are complete … what’s up next? I think maybe something plain and simple!


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I realize that I was absent from blogging for weeks on end, and then in the span of two days I posted my completed Thelonious socks and now the Waving Lace socks, but it’s only because I want to get another “credit” for SAM4.

Pattern: Waving Lace by Evelyn A. Clark
Source: Favorite Socks
Yarn: Knit Picks Risata in Dusk
Needles: Knit Picks 24″ circular size 1.5 US (2.5 mm)

This is the first pattern I’ve knit from Favorite Socks, and I am more than pleased with the pattern. There’s two options for the cuff, either a basic rib, or the designers scalloped edge. I obviously chose the later and I’m very pleased with the result. The waving lace pattern is comprised of 8 stitches over 20 rows, but it’s very easy to memorize.

I ordered the Risata yarn the first week it was introduced by Knit Picks. I’m such a sucker for “new” yarn. The jury’s still out on whether I like it or not though. It’s not super squishy, or super soft, but I’m sure the nylon content will help these wear a lot better than my squishy soft socks too. I absolutely adore the color and this was a pleasant surprise because in my opinion, I’ve never been a huge fan of the Knit Picks colorways. After seeing their fall yarn lines though, I think they may have figured it out.

I lucked out and caught the Loopy Ewe sneak-up on Wednesday, so I was able to acquire a few new items for my stash, but you’ll have to wait until they arrive for the details. I also decided to hop on over to Amazon.com and pick up Cat’s latest book, New Pathways for Sock Knitters. I blame this purchase solely on the influence of Judy‘s blog posts taunting me with the fabulous-ness of the book.

I’m halfway through the Twisted Flower socks and I must admit that if you cannot devote full concentration to this pattern, do not purchase it. I’ll go into more details why when I post the finished socks, but I will say this … I love them!

My mystery stole is completely finished and a blog post will come soon regarding that. Thanks to everyone who submitted suggestions for what cardi to knit with my new Skye Tweed yarn. For now, I’ve purchased the ChicKnits Ariann pattern and will be swatching soon to see if it will work. I think my biggest problem is I didn’t purchase enough skeins to knit most of the patterns I wanted, but I have been eyeing Ariann for awhile now, so maybe it was meant to be.

Have any of you signed up for the Secret of the Stole KAL? I loved the Mystery Stole KAL, but am unsure of signing up for a secret stole KAL when I’ve not seen any previous stole designs from the designer. What do you think?

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