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I wonder if the locals in Mexico enjoyed hearing me attempt Spanish as much as I enjoyed hearing the locals attempt English. My favorite word was vacation. When pronounced by a local, it sounded like “bay-kay-she-on”. I probably will forever refer to our vacations now as “bay-kay-she-ons”.

We had a full eight days of fun in the sun in San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas on the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. We rented a unit from an owner at the Coral Baja Resort which was recently acquired by Wyndham. We stayed in a one-bedroom unit with a full kitchen and living room, although most of the the time we were only there *sleeping*. Fortunately for us, the other family members staying there had the penthouse, so that ended up being the indoor hang out spot.

Day 1: Lets just say that I started off vacation by ending day one worshipping the porcelain god. On the upside, here was the view from our balcony I got to see the following morning:

Pool View from Room

Beach View from room

Day 2: One of the water pipes for the pool burst, so most of the day was spent in the sun waiting for everything to get fixed. Luckily at 3pm everything was in working condition, just in time for the arrival of my step-daughter, son-in-law and grandkids.

Grandsons first day at the pool

Day 3 & 4: Nothing beats two days at the pool basking in the sun, drinking margaritas, and playing in the pool. I even managed to get in some sample knitting time under a big umbrella to keep me cool.
Sample Knit on Vacation

Day 5: Even though the guys got to spend many hours golfing, that afternoon we hung out at Santa Maria beach. I love this photo. I think my step-daughters family is so cute… even from behind.

Step-Daughters Family at Santa Maria beach

Day 6: We drove into Cabo San Lucas and spent that day at the Mango Deck Beach Club at Medano Beach. Initially the local vendors that come up to you every 5 minutes asking you to buy their *junk* are annoying, but after a few beers, margaritas, and shots, you don’t really care anymore and somehow you are convinced to buy stuff. We definitely came home that afternoon with our fair share of t-shirts, hats, and silver jewelry.

Mango Deck in Cabo

We also participated in a competition called “Name That Movie”. The DJ would play 3 seconds of a song and you’d have to guess what movie it was from. The winning movie was guessed by yours truly (Dr. Zhivago). Of course, when the prize winning bucket of beer and tequila shots were delivered to our group, hubby and I were off checking out the Arch and Lovers Beach on a jet ski. Unfortunately FMS had reared its ugly head that day and even with a *little* bit of alcohol, I only felt well enough for a 10-minute ride. Thankfully our 3-yr-old grandson is fearless, so he finished up my ride with his grandpa.

Grandpa & Grandson on Jet Ski

Day 7: The guys were off again by themselves early this morning to try their hand at fishing. When all was said and done, we had 2 Tuna, 4 Halibut and 1 Red Snapper. Since the penthouse had a BBQ on the patio, we had quite the fish feast for dinner and the men were all smiles that they *provided* dinner for the evening.

Hubby & the Red Snaper

That afternoon when they’d returned from fishing, the resort had a beer drinking contest and not only did my step-daughter beat out her husband, but she beat out everyone and won! Her daddy was so proud.

Beer Drinking Contest

Day 8: For whatever reason, we got a late start and only got to spend a few hours at Chileno Beach.

Camillo Beach

This beach is by far the best in the area and we collected lots of sea glass, saw tiny black crabs climbing the rocky areas, and wished we’d had time to snorkel. There are a lot of amazing fish to see in that water and we will definitely make this beach a must-visit when we return to Cabo in the future.

Hubby & I at Camillo Beach

In the afternoon we went shopping at the town closest to us, San Jose del Cabo. We had a great time going through all the shops and was caught off guard a bit by all the Dia de la Muerte items for sale. I know it’s a big part of Mexican tradition, but it was still a bit surprising. Mixed in with the local downtown shopping area, was the Mission of San Jose del Cabo Anuiti which was founded in 1730.

Mission of San Jose del Cabo Anuiti

But our best find of the day was the Tropicana Inn. This is a beautiful hotel and restaurant with absolutely amazing food. The grandkids were fascinated by the lobster tank in the center of the restaurant, but only the eldest was brave enough to touch one.

Grandkids and the Lobster

Day 9: Today was my son-in-laws 40th birthday, (so weird that he’s a year older than me), so the morning was spent at the pool and the afternoon was spent in Cabo San Lucas for shopping and dinner. He requested to have dinner at Mi Casa, the same restaurant he and his wife ate at when they came here for their honeymoon.

Everything we ate and drank were complete perfection from the homemade corn tortillas

Hand Made Corn Tortillas Mi Casa

to the huge margaritas that are the best I’ve ever had. And believe me, I’ve had my fair share of margaritas during my life.

Margaritas at Mi Casa

Not only was our son-in-law given birthday “cake” for dessert, but they also poured a shot of I-don’t-know-what down his throat and then shook his head a few times.

Son-In-Law Birthday Party

It was a wonderful evening of good food and drinks with family and I’ll never forget it.

Day 10: That morning we spent watching the grandkids play in the pool, and that afternoon we found ourselves saying goodbye and headed off to the airport.

Grandkids in the Pool

It was a wonderful vacation, but I must say I missed my dogs, my home, and my spinning wheel. So if you don’t see me around the blogs for a few days, you know where I’ll be.


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