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Luckily on Saturday morning I woke feeling fairly good. I can only attribute it to the 2 doses of Flexeril and the Melatonin combination. Hubby decided that shopping in the market didn’t sound so bad, so he joined me on our walk to the market floor. I have no idea how to express to you in words the amount of people already in the market. I knew it was going to be busy, but I suppose I’m never quite prepared for large crowds.

I knew that my Ravelry passport had very few stamps/stickers in it, so today I planned on collecting them all, as well as making sure I picked up some yarn from WEBS for a sweater or two. Since I’d walked around all the booths the day before to see my options for purchases, I took my market floor booth layout sheet, and circled all the booths I needed to stop at and for what item. Some were just for the Passport, some were to enter drawings, and others were for purchases. This definitely helped keep me on track and I will do it every year that I attend Stitches.

Market Floor

The current sweater I’m knitting, the Radiance Cabled Jacket, has a hook and eye closure instead of buttons. On Friday I’d noticed some beautiful Norwegian pewter hook & eye clasps at AffectionKnit, so I stopped at their booth first. I surveyed all their pewter clasps, and all the sets of 3 were $14, but I got this one for $9, so I felt like I’d found a bargain. The booth was already extremely crowded, and several rude women pushed their way ahead of me in line so I ended up standing there for 15 minutes waiting to make my cash purchase. In fact, I think these women must have been around me all day because the level of rude people at Stitches was at an all-time high this year.

Norwegian Pewter frogs (clasps)

I didn’t make another purchase for quite awhile since I was gathering Passport stickers/stamps and entering my name into daily drawings for this and that, but when I stopped at the Fibersphere booth to get my Passport stamped, I noticed some bags (of course), As I was looking over the sock size bag, the vendor shared with me the story behind the bag. Since I’m a sucker anyway for any type of bag, when I found out that women in Cambodia were making them and were being paid three times as much as they’d normally make so they could support their families, I just had to support the cause. I’m not sure what the material is on the outside of the bag (bamboo?) but the inside of the bag is fabric lined with two open pockets, one zippered pocket, and the strap is adjustable.

Cambodia Bag

We walked around for awhile, collecting stamps, and entering drawings, but when we ran into Cindi, Barbara and Rhonda at lunch time, we decided to pass on the $10 hotel sandwich and drove to Baja Fresh for a quick and inexpensive lunch. Of course we weren’t there long since there were schedules to be kept by the others in our group, so I returned to the market to continue filling up my Passport.

The next Ravelry passport stop was Article Pract. As I walked in to get my stamp, I noticed the Malabrigo worsted with a sign saying $10/skein. Then I noticed the Julie Weisenberger patterns. Next thing I know, I’m walking out of their booth just having purchased the Katarina pattern, the Malabrigo Loafers pattern, as well as 3 skeins of Malabrigo worsted in Forest and Azul Profundo.

Coco Knits and Yarn

I had meandered around the WEBS booth on Friday looking at the huge assortment of yarns and trying to decide what I wanted for which project. I was so overwhelmed though, and so tired from that day I opted to wait and purchase on Saturday. Well here it was Saturday and as I started to wander a bit, a lovely young woman named Cirilia asked if she could help me. Realizing that I got nowhere Friday trying to help myself, I said yes. Boy am I glad I did. I showed her my printed Ravelry queue page and asked her for recommendations for the projects I wanted to knit. She was so nice, quick, and knowledgeable, that before I knew it, I had 3 sweaters worth of yarn in my husbands hands. I had intended on only buying one or two sweaters worth of yarn, but since I chose Valley Yarns for 2 of the sweaters, I was able to afford the 100% Alpaca yarn.


The blue yarn is Valley Yarns Longmeadow and I’m intending on using it for Drops Design 100-34, although I could use it for a few of the projects in my queue. The red yarn is Valley Yarns Williamstown and it’s intended for Katarina by Julie Weisenberger. The olive green yarn Blue Sky Alpacas 100% Alpaca and is intended for Henley Perfected. I can’t wait to start on these projects.

At this point I could tell that my husband was at his shopping limit and so we decided to head back to the room to rest for awhile before dinner. That plan didn’t last long though. The market floor called to me from inside my room, so I left hubby to watch a movie while I wandered the booths for awhile. I wasn’t planning on purchasing anything, but when I saw this little book, I couldn’t resist.


This softbound book is called Knitspiration by Fiona Ellis which is a knitting journal. I have long been in search of a small notebook that had both lined and graph pages in it so I could play around with some ideas that float around in my head occasionally. This knitting journal has everything I’d ever want in a journal, with inspiring words and Fiona Ellis even signed it.

Dinner was a driving mis-adventure (no thanks to OnStar) to B.J.’s Brewery to meet-up with Lain, her husband and her son. Lain and I originally connected because of knitting, and although she knits beautifully, she is actually a scrapbooking designer, instructor, and podcaster. For what the Yarn Harlot is to the knitting world, Lain (ScrapHappy) is to the scrapbooking world. Someday I’ll say “I knew her when”.

After dinner I met up with the group from the previous evening for more knitting until 1am, although hubby did not join us this night. When I booked our hotel room, I’d debated on whether to stay Saturday night and at that moment I was so glad I booked us through Sunday morning. Spending time knitting with others that enjoy the same things as I was a priceless moment. I knew that although the classes, and shopping were great, spending time with current friends, meeting new ones, and spending time with those who share the same passion, was the true gift of Stitches.


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Knitting for Nieces

I finished this cute little bag one day before my nieces birthday. Unfortunately I forgot to have her “pose” with her bag, but nonetheless, here it is:

Katelyn’s Church Bag

Pattern: Rick Rack Purse by Susan Lawrence
Pattern Source: Knit Picks
Yarn: (2) skeins Lion Brand Lion Wool Solid in Dark Teal; (1) skein Lion Brand Lion Wool Prints in Ocean Blue
Needles: (2) Clover Takumi Bamboo 24″ circular needles size 10 1/2 US

I’ve knit this pattern once before, but I appreciated the brilliance of it more the second time around. The knitted edge around the base of the bag is simple to do, but is ideal for adding a bit of extra stability to the base of the bag. There’s also a section at the top of the bag where you add purl bumps that identify where to knit and attach the I-cord handles. The designer thought of everything. If you’re looking for a great felted bag for either yourself or a young girl, I give this one a huge thumbs up!

I did a bit of stash enhancement the last few days. I placed an order with Knit Picks for needles and skeins of their new sock yarn, Felici, and Risata. I also lucked out on a closeout sale of Artyarns Supermerino at Yarn4Socks.com and then helped Lain with her de-stash by purchasing some sock yarn and and such too. I’ve been itching to also get some yarn at Blue Moon Fiber Arts, but I’m having a horrible time deciding between all the new colors they just released. Thankfully The Loopy Ewe hasn’t updated recently (as of this writing), otherwise I’d really be broke!

And just in case you’re wondering, the sock design classes I took from Cookie yesterday were absolutely wonderful, and I’ll try to get a post written up in the next day or two.

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For those of you who live under the rock next door to my rock, you’ve got to check out Ravelry . For those of you who have an invite left .. can you please invite me? I’m DYING to try this out since I’m an anal-retentive organizing nut and this looks like it’s right up my alley! I don’t know if I’m patient enough to wait for it’s full release.

Although I have no socks on the needles and haven’t had for a week (gasp), I’ve signed up for the Summer of Socks 2007 KAL. I’ve thankfully fulfilled my SAM 3 KAL requirements for May and have forbid myself to cast-on for another pair of socks until I finish the Debbie Bliss Matinee Coat for my new neice Molly. You would think this would be HUGE motivation for a sock fiend like me, but even though this was off the needles and blocking last month, so far I’ve only managed to seam it. To officially complete it, I still need to knit the edging around the neckline and then put it in the mail to my sister. Thank goodness it’s knit for a 6 month old!

And if having one project on the needles for a neice wasn’t enough, I’m also working on a purse for my eldest neices birthday. I’ve knit this bag once before for another neice and this neice saw it and said she *had* to have one too. This has been a really quick knit and all I have left are the i-cord handles and felting. She’ll be visiting me the last week of this month, a few days after her birthday, so it will be fun to give her this in person instead of sending it off in the mail.

The VLT shawl (which looks like a blog) is still in progress and I think I’m on track to have it complete by my mother-in-laws birthday next month. I’m not sure I’m going to use the edging shown in the book, but I’m not sure what else would look nice. Any suggestions?

For those of you who love podcasts and/or love scrapbooking, you absolutely must check out my friend Lain’s ScrapHappy Podcast. Currently, I’m not into making scrapbooks (which is the main focus of this podcast), but I just love that her podcast. Last episode she was stating that if a scrapbooking tool doesn’t have mutliple uses, she doesn’t keep it around, so she had taken her ribbon straightening iron into her bathroom to see if it would also straighten her hair! Her last 4 podcasts are all in the 15-20 minute range, so if you want a treat, go subscribe. Oh, and if you do.. please tell her I sent you.

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Belated FO

I should’ve posted about this at the end of December, or at least January, but it slipped through the cracks! This project was finished the 2nd week of December but deserves its own post, so I’d like to introduce…..


Pattern: Rick Rack Purse by Susan Lawrence

Pattern Source: KnitPicks Patterns

Yarn: Cascade 220 in purple hyacinth (body); Cascade Quatro in malta (trim)

Needles: Clover Bamboo 24″ circular size 10 1/2 US

Notes: Early last year my neice (pictured) asked me to knit her a bag for her birthday that she could put her scriptures in. I thought this request was interesting and ironic, (but only those of you who know my past will understand why). My little sister and I scoured the internet to find something that might work and when we ran across this pattern, we crossed our fingers and I purchased it. The pattern was clearly written, clever, and a quick knit. Since almost everyone I know has knit with Cascade 220, I don’t have to tell you how good it is. The base of the purse is sturdy, but I added some plastic canvas for extra stiffness since the scriptures being held weigh about 3 pounds. It worked out perfectly! The only thing that would’ve made this better, would be a lining with a small zippered pocket to hold some paper and a pencil. Otherwise, it’s perfect!

In CURRENT knitting news, Pomatomus are blocking, I’ve started Zephyr Socks, and at Karen‘s request, I’ve included a photo of my Clapotis in progress. The colorway is so not “me”, but I’m actually starting to like it. I remarked to DH last night that I had nothing in my wardrobe that would match this (since he picked out the yarn). I fully expected him to give me one of those “looks”, but instead he said, “I guess I’ll have to buy you something”. Did I marry the perfect man or what?

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